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Complete service - from the idea to the finished product


At WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik, innovation is at the centre of our philosophy, coupled with a commitment to meeting the highest standards in process development and manufacturing technology. Our comprehensive services cover the entire production cycle and offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. From the initial idea to the finished product, WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik is your partner for quality and excellence.

Process Development: Our approach to process development is holistic and aims to create not only efficient but also sustainable production processes. With a deep understanding of materials, cutting-edge technologies and an innovative approach, we develop processes that prioritise precision and efficiency. Our experts work closely with you to develop customised solutions that take your production to the next level.

Tool Manufacturing & Design: In the field of toolmaking and design, WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik combines craftsmanship with technological innovation to produce tools of the highest quality. Our expertise includes the development and design of tools that are essential for the production of complex and precise parts. We rely on advanced CAD/CAM systems and close co-operation with our customers to achieve optimum results.

Punching & Forming Technology: Our stamping and forming technology stands for precision and reliability. With state-of-the-art machines and in-depth knowledge of materials, WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik is able to manufacture highly complex parts with the tightest tolerances. Whether small series or large-scale production, we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in every step of the process.

Laser Cutting & Bending: By utilising high-precision laser cutting and bending, WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik offers flexible and fast processing options for a wide range of materials. These technologies enable us to cut and shape complex contours with exceptional precision, which forms the basis for the manufacture of high-quality components and products.

Welding & Joining Technology: Our expertise in welding and joining technology enables WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik to join a wide range of materials with the highest precision and strength. We use advanced welding processes to ensure that every joint fulfils the requirements for quality and durability.

Relocation Management: At WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik, we understand the complexities and challenges associated with relocating production facilities. Our relocation management includes careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition without compromising production efficiency.

In our partnership with you, we focus on transparent communication, customised solutions and a relentless commitment to quality. Let’s push the boundaries of what is possible and shape the future of manufacturing together. WKF-GmbH Metallwarenfabrik is ready to bring your vision to life with our expertise.