Welding and Joining Technology – Advanced Techniques for Optimal Connections

Precise, Strong, and Reliable – Our Expertise in Metal Joining

At WKF, we offer a comprehensive range of welding and joining techniques to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. With state-of-the-art facilities and proven methods, we guarantee high-quality, precise, and durable metal connections.

Reis Welding Robot: Automated Precision

Our Reis welding robot is at the core of our welding technology. Equipped with CMT, MAG, and MIG welding processes, this robot enables highly efficient and precise manufacturing. Automation ensures consistent high quality and efficiency, especially for complex or large-volume welding tasks.

Manual Welding: Flexibility and Expertise

In addition to robot-assisted welding, we also offer traditional manual welding to ensure a flexible solution for specific requirements. Our experienced welders are proficient in MAG, MIG, and TIG processes, performing a wide range of welding tasks with utmost precision and quality.

Resistance Welding: Efficient and Reliable

Our resistance welding machines and systems are ideal for the fast and effective production of metal compunds. This technology is particularly suited for applications requiring high reproducibility and strength of the weld points.

Joining Techniques: Diversity and Innovation

We offer a variety of other joining techniques, including clinching, tox joining, riveting, and stamping. These processes extend our capability to create customized connections for different materials and applications. They are particularly useful when traditional welding is not the optimal solution.

Quality and Reliability

At every stage of the welding and joining process, we place great emphasis on quality and reliability. Our experienced team ensures that each connection meets the highest standards, and our processes are designed to achieve the best results for your project.


WKF – Your Partner for Advanced Welding and Joining Techniques.