Relocation Management – Efficient Solutions in Critical Situations

Your Reliable Partner in Challenging Times

At WKF, we understand that unexpected challenges such as press failures, production shutdowns, or capacity bottlenecks must be resolved quickly and efficiently. Our relocation management team is ready to support you in such critical moments.

Experienced Press Teams for Seamless Integration

Our experienced press teams specialize in the commissioning of relocated tools in progressive and transfer systems. With our expertise, we can handle tools up to a size of 1.80 x 4.00 meters and a maximum strip width of 1,300mm. Our goal is to get your production up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flexible Manual Insertion Work

We also offer short-term solutions for manual insertion work on our press machines. This flexibility allows us to address your specific needs and effectively overcome bottlenecks.

Seamless Data Integration

A quick and hassle-free integration of your master data into our system is a matter of course for us. We take over your inspection plans, measuring gauges & programs, and other master data and swiftly integrate them into our IT systems. This process ensures a smooth continuation of production while adhering to your quality standards.

Ensuring Your Parts Supply

The most important thing for us is the continuous and secure supply to your customers. In critical phases, we are your strong partner, ensuring that your production and delivery capabilities are maintained. We are here to support you and overcome challenges together.

At WKF, we are not just your supplier, but your partner in difficult times. Trust in our relocation management to ensure the continuity and quality of your production.


WKF – Your reliable partner for professional relocation management.