Werkzeugbau & Konstruktion

Design & Toolmaking – All from One Source

Your Reliable Partner from Concept to Manufacturing

At the heart of our capability at WKF is our comprehensive service in design and toolmaking. We understand that the seamless integration of these steps is crucial for the quality and efficiency of your products. Therefore, we offer a complete solution that spans from conception to manufacturing.

Design: Innovation Meets Precision

Our experienced design team works closely with you to transform your ideas and requirements into precise technical solutions. Using state-of-the-art CAD software and a deep understanding of materials and manufacturing processes, we develop custom design solutions that are not only innovative but also optimally manufacturable.

Manufacturability Testing: Quality in Every Detail

Before the design phase, the manufacturability is thoroughly analysed. We assess each design for its suitability for production to ensure that it is not only technically feasible, but also economical and efficient to produce. This phase is crucial for optimising costs and ensuring the quality of the end product.

Toolmaking: Precision in Manufacturing

Toolmaking is at the heart of our manufacturing expertise. Our qualified toolmakers use state-of-the-art machines and techniques to produce tools and fixtures of the highest quality. Whether it’s complex forming tools or specialised devices, we guarantee precision and durability in every one of our tools.

All from One Source

From the initial sketch to the finished tool – with us you get everything from a single source. This integrated approach not only ensures efficient and smooth realisation of your projects, but also enables close coordination between all phases of product development. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless, high-quality and cost-effective service that not only fulfils but exceeds your expectations.


WKF – Your partner for innovative and precise design and toolmaking solutions.